green development of construction waste crusher

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green development of construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher is a kind of coarse crushing machine commonly used in construction waste crusher industry. Faced with increasingly severe construction waste mining environment, environmental governance and protection has become a thorny problem, so to adhere to the road of green development is the right direction of the future construction waste crusher. Based on this, the following will be a brief description of the new green building waste crusher related equipment knowledge, specific details are as follows:

First, how to adhere to the road of green development of construction waste crusher?
1. Improvement of frame. The width of the feed port directly limits the width of the frame, and the adjustable range is very small. If the height of the movable jaw can be reduced, and the depth of the crushing chamber can be increased, the strength of the frame can be greatly improved.

2. Improvement of movable jaw. As one of the main components of construction waste disposal equipment, movable jaw can not be ignored for the improvement of equipment production efficiency. Through the optimization design of moving jaw, not only can the crushing capacity of high equipment, but also can greatly improve the production efficiency.

3. the improvement of the tooth plate. In general, if the gear plate can be optimized and improved, it can reduce wear and improve production efficiency.

4. integrate into some environmental protection design elements. Join the environmental protection facilities not only can change the operation of the dust flying all over the sky of the predicament, but also a kind of protection to the equipment operator's physical and mental health, so it is more in line with the green, low-carbon society development needs.